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Fantastic Bioimaging (FAB) is a sino-foreign joint venture of medical imaging contract research organization (CRO), and is the first imaging CRO in China. FAB is a division of Tigermed. It provides medical imaging service for clinical trials by utilizing medical imaging as part of evaluation endpoints for efficacy for the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries. With the technology, knowledge and experience of world-class professionals, and using local resources and the existing platform of Tigermed, FAB successfully developed and expanded a new way of thinking and operation of third-party independent image analysis in clinical trials, connected with world levels, and promoted the development of Chinese medical imaging CRO.

中外合资的医学影像合同研究组织(CRO) - 杭州英放生物科技有限公司(Fantastic Bioimaging)是泰格医药旗下的子公司。

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